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The doctors in our so-called "man with no heart". Maybe it is because we always love a very valuable writer......

The doctors in our so-called "man with no heart". Maybe it is because we always love a very valuable poet and writer, decoding, through drying phenomenon of science. At present, the research of physiological love is still not a complete research method. But many scientists believe that this is a very attractive field. Our people, we don't want to go to the end of the building of science Video Sex is not for love. Love is to go to the end. Most of the time, only when the unfinished love!"

Love is a healthy love. People feel more optimistic, more energy, more focus and activities. These positive effects of health study also showed that people often say that sex life is better, longer, a lot of pathological coronary artery blood pressure ratio and low. A study published in the Journal of research the show, and in 1995, the marriage than those who have no family. Those families living in males than in females, 7 years and 2 years of life compared with no family.


Love is a physiological phenomenon, wake up all in our body. When the first signal frequency of our love, our hearts will be increased, accelerated breathing, muscle tension hard, some people can have a pinch of sweat. This is the adrenaline increased details. When the love you receive, it sends a signal to the adrenal hormones. The line will be increased epinephrine and epinephrine and norepinephrine in details. More details of these hormones in the blood, it will make my heart strong and fast. This time, we will feel very nervous and chest pounding drums. The reaction speed is equal to the frequency response test, my heart is the heart to beat faster. Increased contractility, make. Arterial blood vessels in the skin contraction, expansion of coronary artery and cerebral artery, hypertension, hypotension, maximum, minimum. Norepinephrine, epinephrine, but in arterial hypertension, more strong hormones. To increase the body's transition, increase the nipple If the use of oxygen and the proliferation of temperature increase glycogen into glucose, therefore, increased blood flow.


Cardiovascular pathology of the people, the love will hurt them. When the frequency is increased as the heart, heart to work longer, consume more oxygen than adults, it can hurt before the age of heart attack or angina.

When you can also secrete dopamine. Dopamine has focus, desire, optimism, and engine energy to propel you. This is a lot of good people to bring the hormone of love. When the body releases the high dose of dopamine, it may last for hours or even days or weeks. However, in the love of the people, we do not we should put this climax immediately hormones. It is like a long term relationship. Couples should not give each other immediately. It should maintain the tension, maintain high levels of dopamine and curious hormone levels have been doing The flame of love burning n.

Clinical evidence of sweating in the hands, feet, forehead, armpits, chest and back...... believe in social and life 20 years of pain m asthma, cough, dyspnea, because they do not know the leaves of asthma.

A hormone joined our love is serotonin. Statistics from a research in Italy shows that a method of serotonin content decreases, let your thoughts troubled. This explains why when they think of each other's love.

Reduce the cortisol stress hormone is seen about the love of the people. In one study, when


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