A new technique for the treatment of Bokep Jav colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer common middle-aged, age group, the highest frequency is 60 to 70 year olds in the infection rate and the average of 2 to 10%. Colorectal cancer in young people is usually malignant degree is high, good quality first.

There are about 300 cases of rectal cancer surgery in hospital HCM Medical University annual transfer of patients, including 40 under the age of 8% most cancer cases are in stage 2 and 3, the tumor development from the mucosal layer, no metastasis or invasion of far basin area. In this case, the cancer cells have been developed to test phase region (knot hanging in the vicinity of the desert, about 15%) transfer hanging nodes.


The doctor suggested the risk of colorectal cancer and the opinion group big people, ask the family blood, people have been colorectal cancer or U NH case plan in the new area, so that the control range of regular. Colorectal cancer is found early, the higher the possibility of cure.

Ph.D., associate professor, Ph.D., director of the hospital north Nguyen Hoang, Medical University of HCM transmission technology, evaluation of the test mirror is a step to help scraping treatment of colorectal cancer, to avoid recurrence.

Scraping bowl mirror test technology to help improve the therapeutic effect and reduce the risk of colorectal cancer recurrence.

A hereditary colorectal cancer three / two generation signs of early colorectal cancer

Hospital of Medical University HCM transmission test technology has been applied in the scraping bowl endoscopic surgery treatment of rectal tumor. Many studies have the technology to help reduce cancer recurrence rate in Japan and some Asian countries. 7 patient tracking in Vietnam, the first application of this technology in the active treatment hospital medical university HCM result, success rate is not high, there are complications.

The doctor hospital medical university HCM patient transfer test scraping surgery. Image: mm.


According to Dr. ruanyou opinion, senior scientific training medical university hospital HCM transmission, colorectal cancer is the most common disease, high mortality in the world, the prevalence rate in Vietnam is relatively high, standing in the second row of malignant gastrointestinal disorders. In the HCM transfer recording frequency is 10 14,8 in 100000100000 colorectal cancer in men and women. In Hanoi statistics, the ratio is 9,5 and 6,4.

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