How was the crime that left two federal amateur gangbang delegates dead in Florianópolis

From left to right, the delegate Adriano Antonio Soares, the merchant Nilton Cesar de Souza, and also the federal delegate Elias Escobar - Divulgação / ND

The Federal Police delegate who began investigations into the death of Federal Supreme Court Chief Justice Teori Zavascki in a plane crash in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, on January 19, 2017, died in an armed confrontation in Live AV Florianópolis, Brazil. Dawn this Wednesday (31). The shooting took place in a house of prostitution, around 2 o'clock. Currently the investigation into the death of Teori is presided over by another delegate in Brasilia.

Adriano Antonio Soares, 47, was at the wrong time and in the wrong place with his colleague, also the federal delegate Elias Escobar, 60, when they were surprised by the shots taken by a merchant who was also at the establishment, known as "Portinha Azul." They were killed in a crowded hallway.

The house had been banned by the Civil Police Games and Entertainment sector in May last year. The documentation on the interdiction was sent to the 4th DP in March of this year. Delegate Ilson da Silva has initiated a police investigation into a crime of facilitating prostitution. "It was even a surprise for us to jav porn know that it was working," commented Deputy Ilson.

Ilson said he will report in the police investigation, to be completed next week, the death of the two delegates. According to him, it is stated in the company name that the house belongs to a couple, but who manages is a woman. There is no plaque or any other indication of uisqueria, nightclub, or any other house of its kind. The atmosphere welcomed by girls is discreet and is located in the commercial street Fúlvio Aducci, in the neighborhood Estreito.

Crime occurred in the house of prostitution known as
Crime occurred in the house of prostitution known as "Portinha Azul", in the Strait - Marco Santiago / ND

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Blue Portinha

Federal delegates Soares and Escobar are crowded in the state of Rio de Janeiro, but they were doing a training course in Florianópolis. They would have taken the last day of the course and went out to dinner at Ribeirão da Ilha. Upon returning to the hotel, they would have asked the taxi driver to take them to a women's house, which was Japanese Porn not very ostentatious. The request was accepted and the driver took them to Portinha Azul.

It was after two o'clock in the morning, and at that moment there were only two girls and two clients: the owner of a hot dog trade, Nilton Cesar de Souza, and his employee. Shortly thereafter, according to information from the Copom (Center for Military Police Operations), the two delegates would have arrived at the local taxi station. At the reception of the house, there has already been an indisposition between delegate Escobar and the owner of the hot dog, who trains practical shooting at a shooting club in Florianópolis.

According to witnesses, there was a loud bang between the delegates and the guests of the house. One of the women asked them to withdraw because she did not want a fight in there. Nilton would have left first and waited for the delegates in the narrow corridor of the establishment. "When the cops passed, Nilton would have said, lost, lost. The delegates drew their weapons, but Nilton went faster and hit them both, "said one witness.

Escobar was hit twice in the skull and chest, and died on the spot. Soares, stricken in the chest, was taken to Florianopolis Hospital, but could not resist the injuries. Nilton was also shot and recovered in the same hospital. The gunman, who has no gun possession, used a 380-gauge semiautomatic pistol. Nilton is under police escort and will be indicted for double homicide.

Shooting was recorded around 2am - Disclosure / ND
Shooting was recorded around 2am - Disclosure / ND

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The investigation

The crime is being investigated by the Homicide Office of the Capital. Delegate Ênio de Oliveira Mattos said that the circumstances that would have provoked the disagreement among those involved are still being clarified. Throughout this Wednesday, the delegate Ênio heard several witnesses and all confirmed the disagreement between the feds and the merchant.

Nilton's attorney, Marcos Paulo Silva Santos, was unable to speak to the client because he was sedated, but said the federal police were not at work. With this crime rises to 89 the number of violent deaths this year in Florianopolis. The bodies of the two policemen were flown to Rio de Janeiro tonight, where they live and work. Soares and Escobar were in the Capital participating in a course of institutional security, directed to delegates who assume the position of head of the institution. The course, according to sources from the Federal Police, is aimed at investigating and monitoring political scandals.

According to PF's advice, Soares served as head of the institution in Angra dos Reis (RJ) since 2009. He joined the police in 1999. Escobar was head of the Federal Police in Niterói (RJ) until March of this year. Among Escobar's work is the investigation he led in 2014 in which the targets were eight civilian police officers accused of involvement in drug trafficking and extortion in Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo.PF note "The Federal Police Deplores the death of two delegates, who took place in the dawn of today (May 31) in Florianópolis / SC. The two were in Angra dos Reis and Niterói, respectively, and were in the city participating in an internal training. An exchange of shots at an establishment in the capital of Santa Catarina. At this moment of immense sadness, the Federal Police express their condolences and solidarity to relatives and friends in mourning.About information that relates one of the dead police to the investigation of the air accident that victimized the ex- minister Of the Federal Supreme Court, Teori Zavascki, PF clarifies that the investigation that finds the case is in Brasília / DF, presided by another delegate, and only f Hi registered in Angra dos Reis, place of the event. "Social Communication DivisionPublic Federal

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